4 years on… I’m so grateful to be alive!


Wow… I’m still here! I’m still alive and breathing.

Now to some that will be a trivial statement but if you’ve been on my blog before you’ll know why today is a day I hold so dearly.
4 years ago today at 10am, God saved me from killing myself.

I was in a dark place at 15 years old after 8 solid years of bullying, torment, inappropriate touching, racial ‘slurs‘, physical, mental and emotional abuse.
All this was happening whilst at school, a place you’re meant to feel safe. The most common thing I got from teachers was, “Darius is too sensitive,” or “Darius, just ignore the bullies!” 

Could someone please explain have to ignore people hitting you, spitting on you, touching you inappropriately, offending your race and family? How do you just ‘ignore‘ it?

Those were my darkest times. But I have come out on the other side and I now have a story to tell. I even went back to my old Sixth-form and did an assembly about my story: 

I know now that I went through all of that so I could help others and speak honestly and openly about how I dealt with certain situations.

If you’re reading this and you’re going through depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts or self harm, I pray that you’ll find someone to talk to. Because fighting this kind of pain on your own is so difficult.

This is also a place to share and ask for help if you need it.

And also, if you are reading this, praise the Lord because you are ALIVE! Don’t allow anyone to make you feel like your life isn’t worth living. I can’t express that any more.

You are worth it, you are beautiful and you are important. Never forget that!
Have a blessed day! 


Victorious Everyday. 


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