Share to save a life – World Suicide Prevention Day


It’s World Suicide Prevention Day and here are some links that could help someone in need:

Samaritans – for everyone

Call 116 123

Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) – for men

Call 0800 58 58 585pm to midnight every day

Papyrus – for people under 35

Call 0800 068 41 41 – Monday to Friday 10am to 10pm, weekends 2pm
to 10pm, bank holidays 2pm to 5pm

Text 07786 209697

Childline – for children and young people under 19

Call 0800 1111 – the number won’t show up on your phone bill

The Silver Line – for older people

Call 0800 4 70 80 90


MindInfoline: 0300 123 3393


Helpline: 0808 802 5544

The Mix

Helpline: 0808 808 4994

Students against Depression


Tel: 020 7263 7070

Raising awareness of the points of contacts could help someone to talk about how they are feeling before they take drastic actions to end their life.

Every life is worth living and we should be working to try to prevent anyone else ending their lives. Let’s start talking and hopefully less lives will be lost.

God bless you.


Victorious Everyday


Where I’ve been…


I’ve been away from blogging for a little while. Not for a lack of inspiration, but for a lack of time to be able to create the quality of content I want to be putting out.

I’m hoping to have my blogs revamped so that I can really up my game.

In the meantime, go and subscribe to my YouTube channel:

I really appreciate your support and thank you for being patient with me as I look to push forward with creativity.


Victorious Everyday

The truth about prom!


From a young age, we’ve been told that prom is one of the best times we’ll have in our lives but it’s quite frankly not true.

I hate to burst your bubble but prom really isn’t all that when you focus on the material things.

Yes, the dress/suit is important but limos, sports cars or other cool types of transportation is not needed.

The real truth about prom is that what you wear or how you arrive really does not matter. It’s the people that you’re with who make it memorable.

I do not remember what anyone wore to my proms (Unless I see pictures, of course) but I remember having a dance off with a teacher and singing terribly at the top of my lungs with my besties.

Stop making prom about things when it’s always been about the people.

Be compassionate this prom season and don’t forget to be kind.

Stay blessed.


Victorious Everyday

Why I always have sunglasses in my bag! The deeper meaning…


Over the last couple of weeks it has been sunny… in England. It’s a real shock. But alas, we’re back to the unpredictable British weather we all love to hate.

I was recently in Monaco (as you know) for the Grand Prix and it was sunny every day but I have realised something deeper about why I always have sunglasses with me.

Come rain or shine, if I have a bag with me, you’re probably going to find at least one pair of sunglasses in there.

I had some time of reflection recently and delved deeper into what this means:

Having sunglasses on me is a sign of readiness and preparation. It’s a metaphor… To quote Augustus Waters!

You can ask God for many things, Blessings, possessions, peace or patience etc. But if you do not prepare for them, you won’t be ready to receive it.

My sunglasses are a metaphor to show that I am ready to receive the blessing of the sun.

We often make the mistake of asking God for everything under the sun but failing to prepare for the blessing.

Asking for rain when you’re in a drought, without bringing buckets, will mean that you will not be able to receive it.

This is my simple encouragement to you, be prepared! Your blessings are on their way but it’s time for you to prepare to receive them.

It’s time to put your sunnies on and the blessings are about to shine!

Stay blessed.


Victorious Everyday

I am a Cheerleader – Part 2: Why it’s important to big yourself up!


I have been away for a very long time and for that, I apologise. It was all be explained in due time. But I am back with a new blog and video. I hope you enjoy!

Being your own cheerleader is so difficult especially when we live in a world that thrives off our misery. But I am going to give you some hints and tips to help you prosper and stay confident in who God has created you to be.

1 – Write it down!

When you write down who you are, you will involuntarily begin to believe what you have written. In order to process your thoughts, you actually have to think them so whilst you are writing down positivity about who you are, you are reminding yourself about all the great things about you. As I said in my video above, you are great!

2 – Surround yourself with positive people and lose all toxic friends

Be wary of the company you keep. 

Bad company corrupts good character – 1 Corinthians 15:33

When you hang around with negative people who always see the worst in you and bring up all of your faults, you will start to do the same for yourself. They also do it in subtle ways such as telling you that you are “Too ambitious” with no rational reasoning just to crush your dreams. And unfortunately, these toxic friends actually come in the form of family. Once you lose the bad company, you will find yourself thinking more positively about yourself. I have lost “friends” when trying so desperately to find myself and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made because I realised I didn’t need those friendships at all.

3 – Be unapologetic!

We Brits apologise for pretty much anything, for walking to close to someone, for sneezing, for our very existence and most of the time, we say sorry for no real reason at all. We need to cut this! The more you begin to say sorry for who God has created you to be, the more you doubt yourself. So be yourself, be confident in who you are. It will be a journey to get there but once you are there, no one can tell you any different.

It is so important to be your own cheerleader because, unfortunately, not everyone around you is really for you. I believe that you will make it. God is here to help you through every step of the way.

Be your own cheerleader!


Victorious Everyday



#IAmACheerleader : What does that mean?

I am a Cheerleader

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and I am still single…

(Now I am not going to dwell on any negativity as God is in control and I will fall in love with the girl that God has for me in due time.)

You may have seen me using the hashtag #IAmACheerleader a lot on my Instagram and you may even be wondering what I meant by it. #IAmACheerleader is my state of mind: for everything I post, for everything I share and for everything I do, I want to be cheering on others.

That is why when you look at my Instagram and Social Media, you see me sharing images of my friends, family and people I love because I want to show them love and respect.

Being a cheerleader is a great practice: it’s a way to celebrate the people around you and lift them up. We live in a world that thrives on negativity, slander and gossip, so being encouraging, being uplifting is purely an act of defiance. Being a cheerleader is being defiantly supportive, uplifting and honest in spite of the negativity that plagues our world.

My goal is to continue to cheer others on in the hope that they will do the same and pass it on.

This blog post is short but it is an important one to me because this describes my outlook on life. This may also make sense of why I am not a blogger that posts solely about themselves, there’s nothing wrong with that, but that’s simply not who I am.

So long live being a cheerleader and I hope you join me on this journey. Just brighten someone’s day by being kind to them with no ulterior motive, simply just because.

Let’s be Cheerleaders together!


Victorious Everyday

4 years on… I’m so grateful to be alive!


Wow… I’m still here! I’m still alive and breathing.

Now to some that will be a trivial statement but if you’ve been on my blog before you’ll know why today is a day I hold so dearly.
4 years ago today at 10am, God saved me from killing myself.

I was in a dark place at 15 years old after 8 solid years of bullying, torment, inappropriate touching, racial ‘slurs‘, physical, mental and emotional abuse.
All this was happening whilst at school, a place you’re meant to feel safe. The most common thing I got from teachers was, “Darius is too sensitive,” or “Darius, just ignore the bullies!” 

Could someone please explain have to ignore people hitting you, spitting on you, touching you inappropriately, offending your race and family? How do you just ‘ignore‘ it?

Those were my darkest times. But I have come out on the other side and I now have a story to tell. I even went back to my old Sixth-form and did an assembly about my story: 

I know now that I went through all of that so I could help others and speak honestly and openly about how I dealt with certain situations.

If you’re reading this and you’re going through depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts or self harm, I pray that you’ll find someone to talk to. Because fighting this kind of pain on your own is so difficult.

This is also a place to share and ask for help if you need it.

And also, if you are reading this, praise the Lord because you are ALIVE! Don’t allow anyone to make you feel like your life isn’t worth living. I can’t express that any more.

You are worth it, you are beautiful and you are important. Never forget that!
Have a blessed day! 


Victorious Everyday. 

Many are dying yet we are silent – Time to stand up!


You may or may not know about the atrocities happening in Libya. The frightening things is that you probably are unaware of this as it hasn’t been on any major news platforms. – Sign to get parliament talking about this atrocity!
Libya is in Crisis and many people are dying, being raped, mutilated etc in the Libyan slave trade.

​ -Sign this to get help Libya have a voice!

It’ll take a few seconds to sign these petitions. Let your voice be heard. Shine a light on slavery and let’s unite as humanity to end this. – Send a letter to the US ambassador!
I pray that God shows us what to do on this time of crisis.

This will shared to both my blogs because I believe that we cannot be silent in times like these.


Victorious Everyday 

International Men’s Day – Be Men Kind


I am Back!

I feel like I haven’t blogged in such a long time. And back with an important message for the guys (But ladies this applies to you too)

Today is International Men’s day and this week has been Anti Bullying week and I wanted to bring them both together. 

We as guys are the worst at talking about our issues and this is why we are most likely to commit suicide. This is a serious problem.

I am tired of seeing my fellow brothers dying because they had no one to talk to in their time of need. This why I decided to write this.

The videos I filmed this week are all to do with appreciating people now whilst they are alive and respecting yourself.

Being Men Kind is so much more than just being kind to blokes, it’s about being respectful, caring and empathetic to all. 

Without this way of thinking, we often fall into being the opposite: disrespectful, rude and unreasonable which can commonly lead to bullying. 

I am someone who has been bullied for a fair majority of his life and most of the people who bullied me actually did so because they were not completely okay themselves. Imagine if someone was kind to them, if someone listened to them, who actually heard them out on all of the things they wanted to say. Maybe the outcome could have been different and they wouldn’t have been my bullies, they could have been my friends.

I truly believe in the power of love, kindness and compassion and we as men have a duty to help one another stop living miserably. 

My challenge for you is this: find a brother, a mate, a father, find someone who you can talk to about life, your struggles, your ‘man’ issues, your mental space etc. We all need somebody. The power of friendship and brotherhood (And Sisterhood obviously) is so strong when we honour each other and lift each other up.

My hope for everyone reading this is that you come out of your situation and that God will comfort you and take the pain away.

God bless you and go and have an amazing week!


Victorious Everyday